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NorCAl GRIT Fun Ride

NorCal GRiT Ride - October 22, 2022
NorCal | NICA GRiT

The NorCal League GRiT program is part of NICA’s national initiative to recruit and retain more female student-athletes and coaches; the acronym GRiT stands for Girls Riding Together. The NorCal League is committed to building gender and racial equity in our League, and this is one of the ways that we are working on doing so.

NorCal GRiT provides a space for female student-athletes and coaches to enjoy the sport of mountain biking through mountain bike riding, racing, camps and other events and activities in a way that is different from participating with their male counterparts. We remain a proud, coed sport; however, GRiT events are specifically geared towards young women. Although the NorCal League has been successful in providing equal opportunities to all once participating in our programs, we can only be truly equal when we address the fact that many girls and women need specific things and have different needs than boys and men to feel welcome and invited into the sport of mountain biking and into our programs.

Our overarching goal of our NorCal GRiT program is to grow, and sustain, female participation in the sport of mountain biking. More specifically, in time, we are working to achieve our audacious goal of having 50% female participation in our league. With your help, and the help of our generous sponsors and donors, the future of cycling will look more diverse, equitable, and awesome.

Coming to Modesto

This is a local event and we encourage all 6th-12th grade girls to come out and join us (and bring a friend!). Don’t have a bike to ride? Let us know so we can help! Click the button below to register for our local GRiT Ride and join our fast-growing team!