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Race 3 | Modesto, CA

MoCom | Race 3 - Modesto, California

Dust Devils! What an amazing race weekend!

First we want to thank our entire team of student athletes. Without their incredible dedication and commitment to mountain biking we would not have anyone to coach or support. Second, to all of our coaches … Thank you! Your unbelievable support for the team and our athletes is second to none.

To our sponsors and community … thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! Our venue and the show of support by our surrounding community of volunteers and biking enthusiasts was beyond spectacular! Word has it that our supporters stepped up to achieve an incredible nearly 1,000% of our expected volunteers. That is no joke … you all rock!

For a small team that started just 3 years ago to now hosting races and some of our athletes performing at a very high, competitive level is just amazing! It might have been a bit windy and dusty, but everyone had a great time and the compliments for our venue are continuing to flood in.

We WILL be back next year, so we hope you all will join us and not only support our awesome athletes, but help us grow our local mountain biking scene and trail system. Be sure if you see Chris Guptil out there working on the trails (as he often is) to thank him and support the effort to enrich our community.

You can view the race results below. Hint: Use the search feature and type in ‘modesto’.