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Fast Approaching 2024 Season

MoCom | 2023 Season Start

Student Athletes & Parents! We are closing in on the start of the 2024 season! We are deep into the planning stages for this exciting new season and we look forward to seeing you all.

Modesto Composite will be hosting a variety of pre-season events throughout October & November 2023. These events will include informational meetings, bike checks, fun rides and community outreach.

We encourage all students between 6th – 12th grade who love to ride and who are interested in one of the fastest growing youth sports in the nation to consider joining.

Please check out our list of Pre-Season Events and join us for a bit of fun and a LOT of information about the team and our thriving local mountain bike scene.


No problem! Our coaches are uniquely trained and qualified to support ALL levels of riders in teaching the basics of safe and fun mountain bike riding to the racers who are looking for advanced tips to maximize your student’s race experience.

I do not have a Mountain Bike to ride

Through our generous sponsors we have a collection of mountain bikes that can be borrowed for the season to give your students a taste of riding without the initial expense of purchasing a new mountain bike.

What are the Fees to Join the Team?

Our sport, governing body (NICA/NorCal) and MoCom do have fees that are associated with joining the team. All of our fees are to support our non-profits and our coaches who are not paid, but are all awesome volunteers. The base fees for the 2024 Season are as follows:

  • NICA Fee: $40
  • NorCal League Fee: $60
  • Modesto Composite Team Fee: $100 (includes a ride/race kit)
  • Races (optional): $55/race | 4 races in the season + championships (for high school only)

We realize that these fees can be a struggle for some families. Please let us know if you are in need and we might be able to financially supplement some of the costs.

I am a Parent, Can I help?

Absolutely! There are several ways you can participate and help the team and your student succeed. From parent helpers to being a coach, there are many things you can do.

Parent Helpers help us organize the team for races and practices. Most jobs are small and take up very little of your time. We encourage parents to work with other parents to make jobs easier.

Coaches love to ride and want to assist with student athlete success and training. We have 3 levels of coaching:

  • Level 1 – These are our support coaches and it takes very little to get you started. A small fee paid to our governing body (NICA) and a background check (required to coach at any level). Even if you aren’t familiar with how to teach mountain biking, these coaches are essential to supporting our team.
  • Level 2 – Our L2 coaches are experienced on how to teach basic riding skills. Training is provided by NICA and our coaching staff. Level 2 coaches are required (in addition to the L1 requirements) to have basic CPR/First Aid training and in-depth understanding of NICA training principles. These are the coaches we rely on to lead our ride groups and train our student atheletes.
  • Level 3 – These coaches are the backbone of our team. They provide the support and guidance for our other coaches and direction for our student athletes. Being a L3 coach is truly a badge of honor and is highly regarded as an experienced rider/racer who enjoys sharing their knowledge of mountain biking with our local youth. These coaches are required to have additional CPR/First Aid training as well as advanced knowledge of our team and NICA training techniques and risk assessment.

All of our coaches are required to pass a background check ($11) and pay the NICA registration fee ($25). If you are willing to pursue Level 2 or 3 coach status, MoCom reimburses our you for the cost of the CPR/First Aid training after being a L1 coach for one year.