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Modesto Composite (MoCom) is fortunate to have a dedicated staff of volunteers that not only know their way around a bike, they know how to work with young athletes to ensure a fun and safe learning experience. All staff members have obtained certification as a NICA Level 1 Coach, which involves a background check and training for concussion awareness, risk management and athlete abuse awareness. Mo-Com coaches pursue higher certification Levels 2 or 3 which prepare them for guiding student-athletes towards improved riding and racing skills through structured training rides, skills clinics and practice sessions.

Darin Jesberg | Headcoach

Darin Jesberg

Team Director

Headcoach - Level 3

Darin is an avid outdoor enthusiast who has been riding and racing mountain bikes for over thirty years. A passionate advocate for the sport, he is involved in a number of local trail advocacy and mountain biking organizations and initiatives.

Darin is currently a Level 3 coach and a board member.

Dave Neilson | Coach

Dave Neilson


Headcoach - Level 3

My passion for mountain biking borders (admittingly) on obsession. From my first mtb ride, circa 2000, to this day…I just love it! While I am unapologetically a ‘down-hiller’ at heart, any excuse to be on the bike will do. It’s a family affair, an excuse to have good laughs with good friends, a way to meet new people, an adrenaline rush, a mental reset from the challenges of daily life and just a good time, every time. Sharing my love of mountain biking with others and working with the fantastic coaches and student Dust Devil athletes has been and continues to be a joyous experience!

Dave is also one of our board members.

Noah Juergenson

Team Director | Administrator

Coach - Level 3

I have been riding bicycles for over 25 years including both road and mountain biking. With the explosion of mountain biking in recent years and the interest of my family in the sport we decided to look for a local outlet for our passion. MoCom has been a wonderful mix of great kids, parents and leadership that we were looking for.

Besides coaching, I assist with the administrative functions of the team and a board member.

Susan Dion | Level 2 Coach

Susan Dion


Level 2

Susan Dion is a road biker turned mountain biker. She was formally the President of the Stanislaus County Bicycle Club for 10 years and is still a League (of American Bicyclist) Cycling Instructor teaching Smart Cycling classes for the County Health Services. She is also a 3rd grade teacher at Burbank Elementary. Being a coach for Mo-Com combines 3 of her loves: being active outdoors, biking and kids!

Coach - Level 1





Chris Guptill | Trail Master

TRail Master - Chris Guptill

Currently a popular teacher of history and AP classes at Davis High School in Modesto, Chris is also an avid mountain biker, experienced kayaker, and coordinator of Operation 9-2-99, a monthly volunteer river cleanup effort along the Tuolumne River. His efforts have resulted in creating the Tuolumne Riverside Trail, a high quality recreation and mountain biking trail right here in Modesto. As a member of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the Tuolumne River Regional Park, Chris advocates for development of recreation opportunities along our parks, creek and river.