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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re excited that you’ve expressed interest in becoming a part of the fast-growing high school mountain bike race scene. And we know you have lots of questions which we hope to answer to help you decide if joining the team is right for you. Here you’ll find team-specific information that isn’t covered in the Team info flyer, as well as a few need-to-know highlights of information available on-line. Also feel free to contact any team staff member and we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

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What is Modesto Composite?

Modesto Composite MTB (Mountain Bike) Race Team (“MoCom”) is a bike racing club open students grades 6th – 12th. The team is in the Southern Region of the NorCal Interscholastic Cycling League which is part of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). MoCom is not directly affiliated with any school or school district, but it seeks acceptance from and endorsement by local high school, middle school and district administrators.

Who runs MoCom?

MoCom was started by a small group of enthusiastic parents, teachers and experienced cyclists who volunteer their time and resources to provide leadership and guidance to help MoCom operate smoothly. All team coaches are trained and certified by NICA to help ensure the safety and enjoyment of all student-athletes. MoCom also relies on volunteer support from parents to assist the team coaches and fill other vital roles. The more volunteers we have the more successful and competitive MoCom will be as a team!

Who can join MoCom?

Membership as a student-athlete is open to all students currently attending one of the high schools or middle schools in Stanislaus County (except Patterson HS which has its own team), and homeschooled students living inside the same area. There are no minimum requirements for ability, skills or experience. However, due to strict NICA rules regarding the coach/student-athlete ratio, we may need to limit the number of active student-athletes depending on the number of coaches we have on staff and available for ride activities.

What are the team activities?

Team activities are divided into different calendar periods as follows:

  • Pre-Season – October 15 thru November 30

Consists of information & ride events for both student-athletes, parents and coaches. Sessions will include bike maintenance skills, team culture and philosophy, and introductory rides.

  • Regular Season – December thru May

Consists of 2-3 training rides, skills clinics and practice workouts each week. Weekday 1-hour sessions are in the early evenings, and 2-hour sessions on weekends. Specific days and times are available on our Calendar.

  • Race Season – February thru May

A total of four races are held on weekends, roughly every two weeks starting the mid-February. Events are either Saturday or Sunday depending on the Region and student’s grade within which the race venue is located. Championships are usually held in early to mid-May.

What Kind of Bike is Required?

Only multi-geared mountain bikes with 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ wheels, knobby tires and flat handlebars are allowed in race events. In addition, bikes must be safe to operate and equipped with certain features such as front and rear brakes. Loaner bikes are available to financially challenged student-athletes who are committed to participation throughout the season.

Are team jerseys provided?

Yes! Active student-athletes are provided a team “kit” which consists of a short/long-sleeve jersey and shorts/bibs. Active team volunteers may purchase a team kit at cost. Additional clothing such as arm and knee warmers, caps, gloves, etc. may also be purchased. 


MoCom charges a $100 annual team fee that helps to cover most of the cost of the team kit. Additionally, the cost to join any team in the NorCal League is $50 per student-athlete + $40 for NICA Registration. In addition, each race event (which is optional for participants) requires a registration fee of $60 per entry ($50/race if all are paid in advance). The total cost to join and participate in all League events is $530. Racing is not required to join the team and participate in practice, although it is encouraged.

NorCal & MoCom offer student athlete scholarships to financially challenged families to help cover some these costs. Contact us to find out if you qualify.

How can students join?

Start by filling out and submitting the MoCom Student-Athlete Sign-up Form. This form enables prospective student-athletes to express their interest in joining and indicate their level of commitment as a team member. Team staff will determine the maximum number of student-athletes that can be accommodated depending on the number of available coaches, then review all applications received and select the team roster based on the level of commitment indicated by the student-athlete. Selected student-athletes will then be invited to join the “Pit Zone” which is an on-line participant registration system managed by NICA. After completing the required forms and waivers and paying the registration fees, student-athletes become official team members authorized to participate in team and League activities.

HOw can parents volunteer?

Enthusiastic parents who want to join the team staff as a volunteer can start by expressing their interest to the Head Coach or Director who will send an invitation to join the Pit Zone. The costs to join the Pit Zone are $25 for registration plus $11 for a background check. After paying these fees, all prospective volunteers are required to obtain a NICA Level 1 Coach License by completing a series of on-line training sessions. These sessions include training for concussion awareness, coaching philosophy, risk management and athlete abuse awareness. Once the Level 1 license is obtained, volunteers may participate in any team or League activity.

Can non-members participate in training rides and other team activities?

Only student-athletes and volunteers who are registered in the Pit Zone and have met all of its requirements of a Level 1 Coach are allowed to participate in team activities. Non-licensed parents of student-athlete team members may participate in only one team event after signing a liability waiver.

What does the insurance cover?

As with most insurance policies, coverage can be complicated and dependent on individual situations. In general, the insurance provided as part of student-athlete registration is “Excess” accident/medical coverage for losses and injuries occurring during team and League sponsored events. Please refer to the NICA Insurance Policy Overview for details about specific coverages, amounts, limitations, exclusions, etc.

How is the team supported financially?

Sponsorships are the only source of income for the team. Sponsors are promoted by displaying their company logos on the team kit, website and social media.

Contact for more information about sponsorship opportunities.

Where can I find additional information?

Please contact the Team Director at by using our Contact Us form.

You can also find information online at:

National Interscholastic Cycling Association
Norcal Interscholastic Cycling League
Modesto Composite High School Mountain Bike Race Team